Close Protection Services

Are you in need of protection for your loved ones?

Choosing a reliable and conscientious close protection service team offers a comforting sense of security. It ensures consistent peace of mind, enabling you to maintain your lifestyle. Therefore, the selection of your Close Protection Services team should always be a thoughtful and deliberate process.
Headquartered in the heart of New York City, David Stone Security Services stands out with its exceptional team, comprised of highly seasoned and licensed close protection bodyguard experts.

Who do we provide our close protection services to:

Numerous notable and significant individuals, in addition to historical figures, may seek close protection. Moreover, anyone facing potential harm might benefit from the aid of a close protection officer, be it for a brief or extended period.

Here are examples of those who often seek assistance from Close Protection officers:

  • Royal families
  • Politicians, dignitaries, and diplomats
  • Celebrities from music, film, TV, or sports and their families
  • High-profile individuals visiting potentially hazardous or hostile locations
  • Journalists covering contentious stories
  • Barristers, Judges, and, at times, members of a Jury
  • VIPs
  • Other prominent media personalities

Our Close Protection Services NYC

Securing Events and Red Carpets

We specialize in event close protection security, offering dedicated teams to event planners and individual guests. Our service ensures meticulous crowd monitoring, crowd control, and comprehensive access and event monitoring for complete VIP safety during events and on red carpets.

Professional Security Personnel

Need security guards or bodyguards? We provide them on an ongoing or ad hoc basis for your safety. Whether it’s live-in home security, mobile teams, or corporate VIP protection, our international, multi-lingual teams in New York cover it all. Our security personnel excels in access control, mobile patrols, and static security.

Travel and Transit Protection

For corporate and private clients in and outside New York, we offer travel and transit security services, even in high-risk countries. Our teams handle route planning, alternative routes, pick-ups, and drop-offs and ensure your security throughout transit. From brief private trips to extended business stays, our teams are here to assist you.

Our Security Personnel

Our team of bodyguards and close protection officers play an integral role in delivering our closed protection service. They come from retired and off-duty Nypd police officers, Detectives, and former secret agents with extensive experience providing top-tier protective services globally. Alongside their expertise in close protection and security driving, our bodyguards are selected based on crucial personal traits:

  • High IQ and EQ
  • Refined knowledge of etiquette
  • Professional yet approachable demeanor
  • Skillful at establishing rapport with both adults and children
  • Proficiency in English
  • Adaptability
  • Supportive nature
  • Proactive mindset

We also have female and multi-lingual bodyguards who hold all the necessary certifications and licenses to operate lawfully. Stone Security Services is fully prepared to assist you.

Benefits for engaging in our Close Protection Services NYC:

Our close protection services are customized to meet our client’s unique needs, guaranteeing the utmost safety in today’s dynamic environment. We offer comprehensive security management tailored for high-risk, high-net-worth individuals and families.

In any unforeseen circumstance, our close protection operatives stand ready to protect you. Each emergency is distinct, demanding trained personnel to address it promptly, minimizing its impact on our clients.

Irrespective of the industry, our close protection operatives swiftly identify potential threats and take immediate measures to ensure client safety.

At Stone Security Services, we transcend the typical security organization. Our professionalism, unwavering commitment, and extensive expertise ensure that our clients receive nothing short of the finest service available in the realm of protection.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out at any time if you feel endangered. We are committed to collaborating with you to identify an appropriate and efficient solution.

Looking for Close Protection that fits your needs?

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Benefiting from our comprehensive knowledge of different cities and countries, we ensure the delivery of top-notch Close Protection services.
Our Close Protection officers seamlessly blend their protective responsibilities into your daily routine.
We offer a fully customized service, providing heightened security levels and enabling you to proceed with your business and personal life with reduced anxiety.

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