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New York is synonymous with high value real estate. Moreover, when your property is high value – you require the best security for your assets. Therefore, our team ensures thorough security planning, coordination, and management, prioritizing the protection of you and your real estate in New York. Your home is where you spend most of your time. Likewise, prioritizing safety assures you that your assets remain secure.

Due to the city’s rise in crime, estate security in New York proves pivotal. Additionally, social media can reveal locations through geotags on live streams, magnifying a security threat and leaving high-profile people in danger. Consequently, our team comprises former law enforcement personnel dedicated to deterring potential threats and safeguarding your estate.


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Be proactive, the wisest thing that you can do is invest in the security of your assets. Subsequently, choosing the right security team can be challenging. Fortunately, our team is trained in a myriad of security protocols and prepared to engage with bad actors so that you do not have to. Furthermore, employing our team will provide you with additional security implementations not found elsewhere.

High-profile individuals often lack sufficient protection due to concerns about privacy infringement. Nonetheless, our team prioritizes your privacy, security, and lifestyle maintenance, aiming to minimize risks while enabling you to live freely. Stone Security dedicates our energy and effort to protecting you and your assets.

As New York City increasingly resembles the infamous Gotham City, the importance of estate security for high-profile individuals becomes even more apparent. Additionally, Stone Security offers a range of capabilities and resources not typically available to corporate security departments. We tailor executive protection plans to ensure optimal security at home, work, travel, and public. Secure your real estate today by contacting us.

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