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Dedicated Event Security Specialists

Venues and conference centers that host events attracting large gatherings of attendees require security planning with the insight of prior experience and the ability to plan for the unexpected. Stone Security has you covered. Our Special Events and Entertainment security consultants have devoted their careers to solving the unique security challenges of these venues and events. Hosting a multi-day conference or major product launch event, prioritizing security has never been more important. From planning to implementation, security operations deployment to technology vetting, specialized experience is key.

Let Our Experienced Team Help Provide You With The Proper Security Plan

If you need a trusted partner who has already consulted on events, fashions shows, movie premieres you’ve come to the right place. Stones’ all-inclusive solutions address the major security issues faced today: We secure over 500 events every year, including New York’s Fashion week, held twice a year,

  • Event Security Planning & Delivery
  • Physical Security Consulting
  • Crowd Management
  • Metal Detection Design & Training

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