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Today, there is an unprecedented range of threats to an organization’s employees, visitors, facilities, and property. A facility security officer guards the property to provide the first line of defense in securing corporate assets and deterring criminal activity. These unarmed or armed facility security guards interact daily with employees and clients of the organization and must maintain a professional and courteous demeanor at all times. Chiefly, a facility security officer is trained and prepared to meet a stringent security protocol faced by organizations today, whether deployed as the primary security force, to supplement existing security, or for special corporate events on an as-needed basis. Furthermore, Stone Security Officers consistently present a professional image, exercising judgment and discretion in performing security and customer service functions – as they are often the first point of contact for a client’s guests and visitors and must maintain the organization’s expectations and standards.
Stone Security in New York City provides comprehensive security services to New York’s most prestigious real estate organizations. Consequently, Stone’s building and facility security officers are ready to offer security consulting services to building owners, managers, and developers as they reevaluate their security needs in response to NYPD’s guidelines.
All client engagements begin with a comprehensive risk assessment, examining threats and goals of security before security incidents to determine vulnerabilities.
Conversely, this assessment follows operational security staffing requirements – which develop and implement a recruiting, screening, training, and transition plan for seamless conversion. Explicitly, each client receives a customized standard operations procedure with detailed post orders for each assigned post. Stone Security Services develops a partnership with each client to ensure the highest level of performance and the most cost-effective use of its capabilities and services. Our clients value our expertise, and as a result, our clients provide glowing 5-star Google reviews.

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