2017 Fashion week in New York

NYC Fashion WeekNYC Fashion WeekSeptember 2017 Fashion week in New York will not be your ordinary same old fashion week. As we prepare to secure 18 of the top named fashion designers of the world, in 2 weeks we continue to monitor with a care full eye on global and domestic terrorism, and the recent brazen cowardly Barcelona terrorist attack targeting innocent lives, using a Vehicle. Security Expert, David Stone and Stone Security Services, are re-evaluating and re-assessing, Entrances/Exits, Venue locations and flow of vehicular traffic to all venues that are presenting the worlds top named clothing designers. David Stone recommends giving yourself extra time getting around New York City, as you will find sudden street closures, and planned traffic control patterns to limit vehicle travel speeds. As to any vehicle attempting to harm innocent civillians, in an unsecured area, that’s unpreventable: Re-securing the entrances and exits to our venues with speed bumps, Steel Bollards, Concrete Barriers, that’s the security plan that will be in place. Locked down like a fortress to secure all guests from any vehicles harming them. Fashion week will continue to be a success as always, but the increased security measures, will definitely be noticed. As we continue our walk throughs with our clients, we are just explaining that this is reality, and the new world we live in. What was last year is exactly as that, it was last year.
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