Benefits of Personal Bodyguard Services

Whether you are a celebrity, a diplomat, or a successful entrepreneur who is building a growing business, you probably spend a lot of time protecting your assets. But what about the most important asset of all, yourself, and family who become extortion targets. Hiring a bodyguard is not a luxury, but rather a necessity to protect your bottom line so you can use your time and attention to build your business. 

Stone Security Services, under the ownership of David Stone, set out to create an elite group of bodyguards to take care of your safety and security, and he has succeeded in this venture. Whether you live in New York City, Los Angeles, or Miami, Stone Security offers the celebrity security, diplomat security, and executive security that you need to take the worry out of the everyday. 

You might be wondering if security is right for you, and if you should invest in this.  

There are a few classifications of people who would certainly benefit from a bodyguard or close personal protection, including the following:

  • Diplomats and dignitaries certainly require an extra set of eyes and ears, and ground intelligence, especially while they are traveling. There are just so many more variables when you are not on your home turf, and tensions can run high when you are not traveling in your native country. 
  • CEOs and entrepreneurs can benefit from a bodyguard, especially in a growing business or with difficult corporate relationships.
  • Celebrity status creates the need for celebrity security, especially if it comes on suddenly and you don’t know how to handle it. This could mean anyone who is in the movie or television business, or any local star who has been in the media for any variety of reasons, such as personal tragedy or lottery winnings. 
  • Anyone who is in a tricky relationship could benefit from a bodyguard and needs to think about executive protection. Whether it is a messy divorce or an angry family member, executive protection will help you go about your daily life with more confidence and security, leaving the instability to us. 

When it comes to your personal safety, you deserve the best, and hiring Stone Security Services for your diplomat security or celebrity security will give you exactly that. Our elite trained force has served in law enforcement and the military, and we are ready to serve your needs. We are discrete, compassionate, and talented in our field, which translates to total protection for you with no awkward questions or worries. What sets us apart is our preparation for each job, and our understanding of human motivations. We also have split second decision making skills, as well as the elite training needed in these precarious situations. When you hire us, we will take care of you in your home, office, or on the road, and our executive protection program will put your mind at ease. 

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