New York City Crime hits all time Highs:

As New York City, was once considered the worlds largest safest city, Unfortunately has turned into one of the States most un-safest city: With police officers being attacked, first responders from the EMT being slashed, crime is out of control.

Many businesses are just closing their doors as thieves can openly steal up to $350 with no crime or arrest: Hostile thieves and vagrants have been stealing and assaulting locals without restraint while businesses are regularly looted by brazen shoplifters.

Subway pushing’s and robberies are also at a peak new high.

As Businesses continue to hire Stone Security Service in New York, we are overwhelmed:

David Stone Owner of Stone Security Service says “in my 21 years in the private security sector, I have never witnessed such a demand for security”

As Events start to comeback to NYC, David Stone also mentions that all NYC Event Security has tripled, and the request for NYC bodyguards to secure High Net worth families.

The United Nations has also hired Stone Security Service, to secure and Embassies, Ambassadors and their families.

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