New York City luxury buildings hire armed guards…

Bodyguard & Security Services for NYC

As New York City is bracing for civil unrest, including violence and property destruction. Stone Security Service is completely ready and sold out as well.

As many wealthy New Yorkers make security preparations to keep their family, and property safe, for the outcome of the elections, no matter which party will win the election.

Key Members of Stone Security and myself have met with the NYPD Intelligence division, and State Department, and have uncovered that there are numerous plans for civil unrest, riots and looting.

K9 Security Dogs
K9 Security for NYC.

5th Ave shops, just like Rodeo Drive will be boarded up and secured with Armed security and K-9 protection dogs in place.

We have deployed our team of NYC bodyguards, and strategic response teams to our clients that we service throughout the year.

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