Residential Property Security Team

If you own a residential property, whether a single person dwelling or a set of apartments or townhomes, it is in your best interest to ensure that it is guarded by top-notch security. Gone are the days when a camera or someone sitting at the desk offers security to your building. Especially if you rent to dignitaries, politicians, or celebrities, you are going to need to raise the bar on your security to protect the assets of both your property and your people. 

Stone Security Services has you covered every step of the way. Developed by former NYPD Intelligence Detective, David Stone, this security team raises the bar on the ordinary and offers you elite celebrity security services as well as diplomat services. With our discrete executive security team in place, you will rest easy, and so will the rest of your tenants. 

Hiring a private residence executive protection team like Stone Security also offers you several other perks. With a skilled celebrity security team on board, your property values will go up, which means you will be sitting on more valuable assets, and you will also be able to charge a higher amount of rent. Additionally, if you have well-cared for celebrities and dignitaries in your building who feel safe in the hands of the Stone Security team, you will also likely gain more customers who like what they see. Finally, your property and people will be protected by the mere suggestion of the celebrity security in the lobby. With our discrete, fit bodyguards, your residents will not be intimidated, but will feel like they are being taken care of no matter what might happen. 

By hiring Stone Security Services to watch over your property, whether it is your private home or a larger residential unit, you will be offered the peace of mind you deserve. No matter what nonsense is going on with social media, or what criminal minds can dream up, your celebrity security team will offer the executive protection your residents are looking for. It doesn’t matter if you hire Stone Security Services for a large or small residential job. You will get the same respect, skill, and training as the next client. We specialize in reading the room and anticipating problems, so that we can have them basically solved before they even get started. With this executive security presence in your lobby or at your own front door, you will be surprised how the discrete team that seems to blend in so well turns into an agile, problem-solving unit in the blink of an eye. And that peace of mind is worth every single penny.

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