What Are VIP and Celebrity Security Services?

Although there can be many perks associated with being a celebrity, there are also extra hassles and vulnerabilities that can go along with the territory. And with the advent of social media being available 24/7, it seems like VIP’s have more need for security today than ever before.

But you can’t just hire any old security company to protect your greatest asset: yourself. You need someone well-versed in dealing with crowds, paparazzi, unusual circumstances, and emergencies. Stone Security Services specializes in celebrity security and diplomat security, and if you or someone you love fits into this category, you will be amazed at both the discretion and the powerful sense of security that Stone Security offers. 

Born from a desire to create a top-notch executive protection program for VIP and Celebrities, former NYPD Detective David Stone has assembled an elite cast of celebrity security professionals that will take care of your bodyguard and executive security needs in Miami, Los Angeles and New York City.

There are a few things that set Stone Security apart. These trained professionals mimic your style when they arrive on the scene, including style of dress, attitude, and personality. We offer executive security services either in your office, at a special function, or while traveling. While on the job, they are ready at a second’s notice to use the military and law enforcement training, while protecting the innocents. They also have the amazing ability to intuit things before they happen, and this ability to sense trouble will keep you out of harm’s way. 

Here are just a few of our special services that you will encounter when you hire our professionals:

  • We will scout out the venue beforehand and study all aspects of the situation before we arrive on the job, so that we are ready for anything. 
  • We specialize in crowd management with contingency plans in place for every eventuality that could be encountered.
  • With our fit and polished executive security agents our very presence will offer a deterrent to those who may want to cause trouble in a situation. 
  • We know how to read the room and have a keen sense of understanding peoples’ motivations, especially if they have a bent toward the criminal.
  • Our elite training will kick in at the slightest provocation and we will secure the situation before it gets out of hand. 

Our executive security services cater to dignitaries, athletes, musicians, public figures, politicians, and anyone else who is in the public eye. If you or someone you love fits into this category, you owe it to yourself to hire the best of the best. Stone Security Services will put your mind at ease, and allow you to go about your daily business without missing a beat. 

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