What to Look for in Private Event Security

If you have something to celebrate, then you certainly deserve to celebrate safely, with the security of each of your guests accounted for, and without losing any sleep over it! Whether you have a wedding, anniversary, new baby, or new house to celebrate, this is your time to focus on fun without worrying about who is coming through the door. 

Although private event security detail is not always at the forefront of your mind when planning a private event, it should be. Not only do you have to worry about the comfort and safety of the event goers you have invited, but you also have to ensure that event crashers are not allowed admittance to your event. Finding a firm that can do it all with compassion and expertise is important.

Stone Security Services was born out of desire to keep people safe in a variety of situations. Founder David Stone spent many years as an NYPD Agent working through the ranks, and understands the importance of discretion, quick-thinking, and reading a situation. 

Stone Security is a company well-versed in diplomat security, celebrity security, and other bodyguard detail needs that arise. If you have guests who are used to this high level of care, they will definitely be in good hands with Stone Security.

Because Stone Security has so much experience, they know just how to keep a roomful of people safe and secure. Especially with the presence of alcohol, little squabbles can turn unruly within minutes, but Stone Security knows how to squelch problems before they get blown out of proportion. And just the mere presence of an executive security detail can help keep people’s behavior in check, as well as keep the event guests more at ease.

Sometimes, however, the problem is not with who is at the event, but who is trying to get into the event. With discretion and empathy, Stone Security Services will take care of the bouncer duties without making a big scene, keeping the original event guests safe from unwanted people or attention.

In general, if you are serving alcohol at your event, you will be required to hire security. And if you want to hire security that specializes in celebrity security and executive protection, then you should hire Stone Security Services. 

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