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Stone Security Services is the foremost School Armed Guard Service in New York. Our program prioritizes affordable, top-tier student protection. We aim to provide peace of mind at reasonable rates, offering expert physical security. We cater to various educational levels, including high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools, both at campus and district levels.

School security directors and administrators grapple with daily academic responsibilities; they do not have ample time for extensive security on campus. It is unfortunate that schools today must take extensive security measures. We are industry experts and comprehend the immense challenge of maintaining a safe school campus.

Stone Security Service offers 24/7 security for businesses and corporate offices and provides school security. Our School Armed Guard Services cover everything from school buildings to dorms, libraries, and even graduation ceremonies. Whether it’s a kindergarten or a college, we have the skilled personnel and expertise needed to ensure the safety your students and faculty deserve.

What School Armed Guard Services Do?

At Stone Security Services, we offer professional officers as the initial defense against criminal activities and theft. Therefore, our guards undergo training to collaborate with local law enforcement as required and exhibit the diplomacy and professionalism necessary for regular interaction with students, potentially threatening individuals and the public. Furthermore, our team ensures a robust presence in schools of diverse types, sizes, and grade levels.

Access Control

An essential part of our security protocol is ensuring that only authorized individuals, such as students, teachers, and approved personnel, can enter the building during designated times. 

Mobile Patrols

Our mobile patrol services for school security effectively identify suspicious individuals before they reach the premises. We use our vehicles to conduct thorough surveys of your school grounds or campus to spot any potential signs of trouble. 

Collaboration with Police

We recognize the significance of close cooperation with law enforcement and first responders during incidents, so we coordinate our actions with these professionals to ensure a unified and efficient response.

Rapid Response

Swift action is critical in halting threats like shooters or managing emergencies. Our highly trained security guards and fire watch personnel are adept at promptly responding when situations require immediate action.

De-escalation Techniques

In higher violent schools, our guards possess the skills to defuse potentially hazardous situations and prevent them from intensifying.

Our Student Protection Guards offer:

    • We conduct audits on door locks and bullet-proof glass checks.
    • We are conducting Active Shooter drills, and coordinating with staff to test exit paths and safety measures.
    • Supervising student arrivals, dismissals, breakfast, and lunch periods.
    • We ensure punctual class attendance and smooth hallway traffic flow for students.
    • Intercepting visitors, verifying identification, and escorting unauthorized individuals to exits.
    • Prompt communication with police and emergency services during emergencies or unusual situations.
    • Reporting evidence of substance abuse, severe medical conditions, child abuse, potential suicide, or alcohol abuse to appropriate authorities.
    • Vigilance to prevent activities that may lead to injury and discourage student participation in such behaviors.
    • Assisting police, fire personnel, and emergency crews as needed.


Why Choose Stone Security Services for Your School Armed Guard Services ?

Consistent Protection and Quality Services

Ensuring school safety involves a range of security services. David Stone School Armed Guard Services offers a comprehensive array of solutions catering to various needs, including:

  • Corporate Security Training
  • Campus Event Security
  • Armed Guards
  • Remote Monitored Surveillance
  • Active Shooter Response Training

Experienced School Security Guards

Our School Security Guards boast substantial experience, meeting state and school prerequisites for security roles. Their ability to collaborate effectively with students, teachers, and administrators assures safety for all within the school premises.

Well-Trained Security Personnel

Our school security guards undergo rigorous training and certification processes to ensure their qualification and competence in school security duties.

Ensure your school is safe and secure. Contact us by completing the form, and we will be in touch.

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